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The Test of Time

Are the classic movies of our childhood really as great as we remember them? Hosts Alan Noah and James Brief take a fresh look at our favorite films to see if they still stand The Test of Time.

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Nov 30, 2018

There’s a nefarious plot to assassinate the Queen of England… and only Lieutenant Frank Drebin can stop it.

In our second episode recorded live at Nick's Marathon 2018, special guest Daron from the Board Games are for Losers podcast joins us to talk about NFL players who have gone on to be movie stars (yes,...

Nov 23, 2018

A group of martial artists fight for their lives—and the fate of Earth—in the video-game-turned-movie, Mortal Kombat.

In the first of our episodes recorded live at Nick’s Marathon 2018, special guest Dominic Monfre joins us to discuss the job of party planner on an island of the damned, the...

Nov 16, 2018

It’s the third and final round of our series on the Rockyverse! (Yeah, it's a weird name for a franchise, but that's what we're going with.)

Listen as we discuss stereotypes about Italian butts, which Rocky movie is the sci-fi one, and we read a hilarious description from the back of a VHS tape. Then we find out...

Nov 9, 2018

Rocky lost his first fight, but what happens when he steps into the ring to face Apollo Creed again, then teams up *with* Apollo Creed to take on Clubber Lang? 

This week, we talk about lyrics in a montage song that explain what a montage is, how you know a leather jacket is classy, and the seedy history of...

Nov 2, 2018

Rocky was just an underdog from the streets of Philadelphia, but he ultimately went the distance against the heavyweight champion of the world. Even though he lost the fight, the movie won the Best Picture Oscar.

This week, we discuss why it’s not a good idea to go on a date on Thanksgiving, or do amateur...