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The Test of Time

Are the classic movies of our childhood really as great as we remember them? Hosts Alan Noah and James Brief take a fresh look at our favorite films to see if they still stand The Test of Time.

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Dec 29, 2023

John McClane battles terrorists at Dulles airport, then saves the United States from cybercriminals.

Special guests Dom Monfre and Daron from Board Games are for Losers join us to chat about the benefits of naked calisthenics, a steampunk baggage claim, and writing ads for PDAs. Then we find out if Die Hard 2 and Live...

Dec 22, 2023

While attending a party on Christmas Eve, a New York City cop tries to foil a terrorist plot and save his wife.

Special guests Dom Monfre and Daron from Board Games are for Losers join us to discuss life-saving boobs, the cigarettes recommended by doctors, and something more painful than walking on broken glass....

Dec 15, 2023

During the Holocaust, an industrialist uses his money and influence to save the lives of over one thousand Jews.

This is a heavy episode, so we’re not doing the usual tease. Just listen as we discuss all the reasons why Schindler’s List stands the Test of...

Dec 8, 2023

A Cuban immigrant becomes a powerful drug kingpin in Miami.

Listen as we chat about popular dorm room posters, fake Churchill quotes, and how an R-rated movie can actually be X-rated. Say hello to my little friend and find out if Scarface stands the Test of...

Dec 1, 2023

A son tries to find common ground with his dying father, in spite of the old man’s history of telling tall tales.

Listen as we discuss British actors affecting American accents, the Danny DeVito-aissance, and angel dogs from puppy heaven. Then we find out if Big Fish stands the Test of...