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The Test of Time

Are the classic movies of our childhood really as great as we remember them? Hosts Alan Noah and James Brief take a fresh look at our favorite films to see if they still stand The Test of Time.

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May 11, 2018

Daniel-san and Mr. Miyagi travel to Okinawa for the fight of their lives—literally—in the 1986 sequel, The Karate Kid Part II.
This movie contains a ridiculously traumatic breakup story, what might be the first fight club ever, and a super sharp hook that totally killed dozens of fishermen for no good reason....

May 4, 2018

You’re the best! Around! Nothing’s gonna ever keep you down!!! That’s right — this week, we’re talking about the 1984 classic, The Karate Kid.
Listen as we chat about the "best friend" who disappears after three scenes, Daniel's utterly brilliant Halloween costume, the subtle difference between...

Apr 27, 2018

A baby is destined to destroy an evil queen, and a farmer must lead an epic quest to protect the child in the 1988 fantasy film, Willow.
This week, Sweetie and Sweety from the Large Marge Sent Us podcast come by to talk about Ron Howard's (alleged) ginger conspiracy, the one character in this movie with a...

Apr 20, 2018

Super Troopers, about a group of cops who'd rather prank each other than write speeding tickets, was a surprise hit when it was released in 2002. 
This week, we discuss what this stoner comedy has in common with both Police Academy 3 and the works of William Shakespeare, we wonder if real Vermonters would ever...

Apr 13, 2018

Two pissed off teenagers wreak havoc on their town with murders and forged suicide notes in 1989's Heathers.
This movie left us with a lot of questions. Like, why do cool high school girls hook up with loser college guys? Did anyone ever really go cow tipping? What's up with all the croquet? And, most important of...